Independent Assessments.

Thomas conducts independent assessments of psychological injury and need for treatment in the workers compensation, CTP and income protection schemes. There are offered to injured persons, scheme agents (Insurers), employers and legal representatives. He provides comprehensive, fair and objective reports that assist the stakeholders to obtain a frank professional opinion on the presence or not of psychological injury, and options for intervention, which may include psychological or other forms of treatment.

These assessments usually cover the following:

  • The history to injury
  • The impact of injury
  • Current psychological functioning and areas of need
  • The need for psychological treatment
  • Fitness for work
  • Relevant personal history
  • Opinion on causality
  • Conclusion and recommendations

Psychological questionnaires and tests are sometimes administered during these assessments when appropriate. Assessments can take two to three hours, or longer in more complex situations. Thomas is happy to schedule any complex assessments over several consultations if needed.